How to Squeeze in a Workout

How to Squeeze in a workout or even find time to to get a sweat up can sometimes be difficult. I thought I’d give you a few quick ways to help you burn a few extra calories in your day and get that bit fitter.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.

Yes, I know it may seem really silly but it can take a lot to not hit the snooze button on your alarm clock or your phone.
I try and workout in the morning, which I think is the best time to workout, as you get it out the way. When I do this I usually leave all my workout clothes at the end of the bed, so it’s really easy to grab them, put them on and go workout.

When you’re starting out some people say it can be helpful to put on light workout clothes and sleep in them, so you just have to get up and do your workout. I have never tried this though.

Pack your workout clothes and take them with you to work.

If you don’t work out in the morning, and I don’t do all my workouts first thing in the morning take your gym/workout clothes with you to work. This way you can get a workout done during your lunch break or as soon as you finish work. If it’s your lunch break then a brisk walk with a friend or college can be good.

Taking a friend with you can help you gain extra motivation.

Split your workout into smaller segments.

Do you find it hard to do a long 55-minutes of excercise? A good idea is to start out by doing smaller mini workouts. You can accumulate your 30 or 55 minutes over the whole day.

If your stuck in an office then why not try doing some stretches or walk around the office for 5 minutes. This is a good way to improve your concentration and energy levels.

If you are stuck at home with the kids a quick 5 minutes of healthy activity can also work in the same way.

Track your activity levels.

In the world of technology, it is easy to track your workouts with a fitness band or a smartwatch. This can motivate you to reach your goal as you can actually see what you’ve achieved. You also know how far away you are to achieving what you want.

Choose something over nothing.

My final thought is to choose something over nothing. To coin a phrase from one of the leading UK supermarkets, “Every Little Helps”. This is so true though, as anything you do in the way of exercise is good and is a start.

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